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How many times have you skipped the bookmark you need when looking
for it on the list? It has to do with the fact our eyes first grasp at
and remember the image and only then - the text. A speed-dial type of
bookmark makes such situations unlikely, because visibility and clarity are
put first. You can make any preview you like for every selected site.

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By creating an account with Everhelper, you choose versatility. This is
a cross-platform service that you can access from any gadget; it can also
work from any browser and mobile platform.

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Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?
And it’s very easy to get started too! All you need is to create an account with Topsites/Everhelper (which takes just 10 seconds) and you can access all your sites from anywhere in the world by simply entering your login name and password.
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Version 0.1
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